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Make sure your camera is charged as SANTA sits by your family tree with an elf by his side and your child on his knee. Yes, there will be time for family group shots too. Limit of 6 people sitting on Santa's lap per 10-15 minute visit. We can book a double visit if you have more than 6 that will be sitting on Santa's lap. A double visit is 12 children. A map may be requested upon registration. VISIT TIMES/DATES: December 10th, 16th,19th-23rd between the hours of 5:30-8:30PM. If the visit dates listed don't work for your family party or work gathering and you would like to arrange a special time for an additional fee, e-mail: REGISTRATION FOR RESIDENTS BEGINS OCTOBER 6th, IN-PERSON ONLY at LGS Youth Recreation Center, 123 E. Main St., 8:00AM-5:00PM, M-F.FEE: $75 per 10-15 min. visit (up to 6 children). If you are a customer from 2015 or 2016 visits, we can take your registration over the phone, call Karen 207-4938 REGISTRATION FOR NON-RESIDENTS begins October 20th, in person only: FEE: $80 per 10-15 min.visit (up to 6 children) (We will accept registration by phone if you participated in 2015 or 2016. Call Karen 207-4938 If you live in close proximity to our resident area (Saratoga, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno), it MAY be possible to schedule a visit to your home. Additional Information: SANTA VISITS YOUR HOME: Contact Kristine 408-207-4924 if you have questions the evening of the visit. Allow 30 minutes after your scheduled time for Santa to arrive. If Santa is running late, he will attempt to call. We have never cancelled a visit, (19 years) however, if our Santa is ill, and a suitable replacement cannot be located in time, we would have to cancel the visit and give a full refund with our sincere apologies! Single visits are 10-15 min., 6 people on Santa's lap (children and adults). A double visit is 12 sitting on Santa's lap, triple visit is 18 sitting on Santa's lap. If displays of inappropriate behavior occur, Santa will leave the party and there will be no refund. Santa cannot wait for guests to arrive, he has to start putting children on his lap as soon as he arrives at your home. If guests arrive late, there may not be time to put each child on his lap. Santa has other visits and can’t be late!! IMPORTANT: We will make every attempt to find you. Please help us by making sure we have a phone number that you will answer the evening of your visit in case there is a problem or delay. You may need to place signs by the curb, at the end of the driveway, at the fork in the road- wherever you can to assist us in finding you. Santa will try to park his sleigh around the corner so it can't be seen from your front door. If we cannot locate you due to poor directions, there will be no refund. If Santa sees a suspicious, dark house he will not get out of his sleigh and there will be no refund. YOUR ENTRYWAY MUST BE WELL LIT. SUGGESTIONS: Keep your children inside and away from the front window or door before and after the visit so they can't see Santa arrive. If you wish, you may leave small presents (put the child’s first name on each present in bold letters) on the front porch so Santa can bring them in his sack. Have a big chair for Santa by your tree (if possible) and a small chair or cushion for the elf. It works well to have a space for the children to sit in front of Santa on the floor. Have your camera ready. Santa will talk to each child individually and distribute candy canes. Santa’s elf will take group pictures at your request. They will sing a few holiday songs as time allows. If there are adults at the party, you might talk to your guests before the visit, requesting that they stop loud talking, be respectful of the moment, and participate appropriately in the visit. It is a special moment for the children and it can be spoiled with too much noise and chaos. We sincerely hope that you and your family enjoy this memorable visit. Have a wonderful Holiday Season and Happy New Year!


Santa Claus