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In this class, you will learn to paint with gouache (opaque watercolor). Gouache is a wonderful medium that allows you to layer bold colors with different blending techniques. The instructor will have a project for each class where you can paint-a-long while you familiarize yourself with gouache paint by exploring tones, brushstroke techniques and understanding color combinations. No previous experience or knowledge is required for this class. Materials for this class Gouache paints a selection of primary colors plus black and white (Winsor and Newton brand) Synthetic paintbrushes: One half-inch angle shader, a quarter-inch filbert brush, a size 8 round brush, and a size two round brush. These are basic suggested brushes to bring to class Watercolor paper 120 LB A palette to mix your paints A detailed list of materials will be sent to you when you sign up for the class. Instructor: Elvira Rascov

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Elvira Rascov


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18 to 99